What are Instagram Filters?

Custom Instagram Filters are a new tool that incorporates augmented reality with the selfie. These audiovisual effects allow for users to interact with brands like never before. These unique designs are a creative way to promote your brand, event, idea, new song release, product, and last on your Instagram profile forever. Any concept is possible so the possibilities are endless! How do we get started?

How does it work?

  1. Give us your idea and will formulate a proposal of the creative.
  2. Deposit 30% of the total cost.
  3. After the creative has been defined, our team delivers mock ups within 5 days. These samples can be viewed through a private link that previews them on Instagram.
  4. Evaluation, feedback, and changes are made until a final version is agreed upon.
  5. Assign our team role of “AR Manager” on Facebook page of the designated account the Instagram Filter will be on.
  6. Approval by Instagram. The design is submitted to Instagram for approval and it takes about 3-6 days for them to decide if the Instagram Filter meets the rules and guidelines set by them.
  7. The Instagram Filter is published on your profile as a new section on Instagram. It becomes available to use to everyone worldwide.